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Review: LEGO 40587 Easter Basket GWP (gift with purchase)

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Set and Box

LEGO are on a roll with their gift with purchase (GWP) offerings in 2023, with new options nearly every other fortnight.

The next upcoming one is a bit of a pleasant surprise, with 40587 Easter Basket becoming available from 16 March – 9 April 2023, and will be free when you spend over US$70 / AU$110 / €70 / £65 from

I had a double take when I saw the GWP purchase threshold as that’s one of the lowest thresholds we’ve seen lately, and bucks the trend of increasingly expensive GWPs.

LEGO regularly produces seasonal Easter and Spring-themed GWPs around this time of the year, and this low-threshold GWP matches 2022’s 40527 Easter Chicks which was free when you spent US$65 / AU$139 / £65.

For such an accessible spend, 40587 Easter Basket makes for a great gift with purchase, and is quite a charming and delightful build that will suit all ages and experiences. Let’s take a quick look at it ahead of its release on 16 March 2023.

Special thanks to LEGO for sending this set over for review.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Set Details

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Box

Set Name: Easter Basket
Set number: 40587
Pieces: 368
GWP Threshold: US$70 / €70 / £65 
Theme: Seasonal
GWP Duration: 16 March – 9 April 2023
Set Designers: TBD

At 368-pieces, 40587 Easter Basket is quite a substantial build, and the build experience was quite a fun and varied affair, where you build the vase, followed by an Easter Bunny, and finish off with some brick-built flowers.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Set 1

Here’s a look at the completed model, which is also substantially large, measuring 13 cm (5 in.) tall, 11 cm (4 in.) wide and 9 cm (3 in.) deep.

The model is adorable, depicting a flower vase with a white bunny peeking out of the flowers, and makes for a great Easter-themed ornament.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Bunny Hanging Vase

The Easter Bunny is small, but has some cute features like round pink cheeks, and paws which use the semi-circle tiles to look like they’re just hanging off the edge of the vase.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Bunny Ears
LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Bunny Head

The ears can move, and the bunny’s head can swivel on the turntable, giving you plenty of options to pose it.

Here’s a stop-motion look at the range of motions possible with the bunny.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Bunny Tail

And nestled between the flower stems, you can see the bunny’s tufty tail popping out.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Back

From the back, the dense foliage looks great, with little flowers nestled within.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Flowers in Vase
LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Yellow Flowers

The flowers are simple, but at this scale, look great and there’s some nice variety between the classic LEGO flower and leaf pieces, as well as brick-built buds. The buds are also seasonally appropriate as they look like Spring Flowers just about to bloom.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Vase Lines

The vase was also a surprisingly fun build. It’s entirely smooth around, a pale yellow and light blue strip across the vase, and a blue ribbon on the front.

Don’t underestimate the build as the vase construction featured some pretty advanced techniques to create the octagonal shape and core, which is not something you’d expect from an affordable gift with purchase.

LEGO 40587 Easter Basket Set and Box

What I liked:

  • Fantastically affordable GWP threshold makes it very attainable
  • Substantial and varied build
  • Looks charming and adorable

What I didn’t like: 

  • Not a single thing that I dislike

Final Thoughts:

I was extremely impressed by 40587 Easter Basket, and consider this a really good LEGO Easter gift with purchase, and perhaps one of the best yet.

The low purchase threshold means that you won’t need to spend up a storm on to qualify for one, and despite the US$70 threshold, you’re getting quite a substantial 368-piece model.

The model itself is fun, with some cunning advanced build techniques used in the vase, and the end result has a bit of everything from animal construction to floral arrangements.

It definitely feels like a more cutesy and kiddie version of a LEGO Botanical Collection set, and because it comes with its own attractive vase, easily looks great alongside other Spring-themed or Botanical LEGO sets.

There’s lots to like about 40587 Easter Basket, and because the redemption threshold stretches into April, you’ll be able to easily qualify for one if you have the LEGO Indiana Jones, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 or Disney Up House on your wishlist.

Build [4] – Really fun varied build with surpising complexity and techniques for the vase
Real Value [5] – Unbeatable GWP threshold that’s easy to trigger
Innovation [4] – A nice step up from previous Easter/Spring-themed GWPs that blends animals and flower construction into a great display model
Coolness [4] – Very cute and adorable with appeal to younger builders or adults wanting a cute Easter-piece
Keepability [3] – As it’s a seasonal set, it probably won’t be out for the entire year, but is small enough to fit in with your other botanical sets

Rating and score: 4/5 ★★★★✰

Thanks for reading this short review of 40587 Easter Basket!

40587 Easter Basket will be available from 16 March – 9 April 2023, when you spend over US$70 / AU$110 / €70 / £65 from

If you plan on purchasing 40587 Easter Basket please consider using the affiliate links found in the post to support the blog, as I may receive a small commission with each purchase.

What do you think of 40587 Easter Basket GWP? Will you be making a purchase to get this one?

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