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Review: LEGO DuckTales (40477) and Daisy Duck (40476) Brickheadz

LEGO Daisy Duck and Duck Tales Brickheadz

Is 2021 a renaissance year for Brickheadz or what? Following on from my series of Brickheadz reviews is a look at the new Ducktales Brickheadz (40477) a four-pack featuring Scrooge McDuck, Hewy, Louie and Dewey from the legendary DuckTales cartoon, and 40476 Daisy Duck, a new addition to the Mickey & Friends Brickheadz collection.

These 2 new Brickheadz sets will be released on 1 June from

This is a two-part quick review as Brickheadz are fairly straight to the point, so let’s get our ducks in a row, and jump straight into a review of both new Brickheadz sets!

Special thanks to the LEGO Group for providing these sets for review

40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz Set Detail

LEGO 40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz Box Front

Name: Daisy Duck
Set Number: 40476
Price: AU$15.99 | US$9.99 | £9.49 – Buy from [AUS] [USA] [UK]
Exclusive to:, LEGO Brand Retail Stores
Theme: Brickheadz / Mickey & Friends
Release Date: 1 June 2021

LEGO 40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz Box

After a year on his own, Donald Duck which got his very own Brickheadz in early 2020 will finally have his partner – Daisy Duck to join him, and round out the Mickey Mouse & Friends Brickheadz collection.

LEGO 40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz

Daisy is pretty basic, and stays true to her character’s colours and designs, with a bright pink brick-built bow which was quite satisfying to build, a lavender top, and her signature pink pumps.

LEGO 40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz Printed Eyelashes

Printed elements are also making a comeback in Brickheadz, and we get these printed eyelash tiles to really bring her face to life.

LEGO 40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz Printed Elements

Here’s her next to Donald Duck, and you can also see her printed tile on her torso to give her top a v-neck look.

Her feet are a little clumsy, and I would’ve liked if they had fashioned her high feels properly, instead of them being 2 pink slabs.

LEGO 40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz Back

Here’s Daisy from the side and behind – nothing too interesting here, and she’s a pretty standard Brickheadz build, which is a far cry from the interesting building experience from the recent Dalmatians set.

LEGO 40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz Daisy and Donald Duck

Most importantly, here’s Daisy Duck, reunited with her beau Donald Duck. For fans of the Duck couple, it’s great news to have Daisy to accompany Donald, but if you don’t really care, she’s rather forgettable, especially if you’re not a massive Disney fan.

LEGO 40476 Daisy Duck Brickheadz Minifigure Comparison

And if you’re wondering what Daisy is patterned after, here’s a side by side comparison from Disney Minifigures Series 1.

LEGO Mickey and Friends Brickheadz

And here’s the complete lineup of Mickey Mouse and Friends Brickheadz!

Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck were released in early 2020, and Mickey and Minnie were released in 2018.

What I liked:

  • Donald Duck has a partner
  • New printed elements
  • Brick-built bow makes her stand out

What I didn’t like: 

  • Her chunky shoes/feet don’t look great
  • Bit of a boring build

If you’ve been diligently collecting Disney Brickheadz through the years, Daisy Duck is a great addition, as you can finally complete the Mickey Mouse and Friends lineup of core characters.

Thankfully, Donald Duck is still available to purchase on, so if you fancy the Duck Couple, you can easily complete them, unlike Mickey & Minnie which are one of the pricier Brickheadz on the secondary market.

Daisy Duck was quite a boring and forgettable build, and while I appreciated the printed elements, I’m personally not a massive Daisy Duck fan, so this doesn’t quite do it for me as a character.

Great as a gift, or if you’re a Disney fan, but for most people who don’t care about Donald and Daisy Duck, you can easily give the Daisy Duck Brickheadz a miss.

Rating and score: 2/5 ★★✰✰✰

Build [2] – The build was very straight forward and forgettable
Real Value [2] – Solo Brickheadz are a little pricey
Innovation [1] – Not much innovation on display – just your standard Brickheadz build
Keepability [3] – As a Disney Brickheadz, this will maintain its value well, especially if you pair her with Donald Duck

40477 DuckTales Brickheadz Set Details

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Box Set

Name: DuckTales Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie
Set Number: 40477
Price: AU$39.99 | US$TBD | £TBD – Buy from [AUS] [USA] [UK]
Exclusive to:, LEGO Brand Retail Stores
Theme: Brickheadz / Disney
Release Date: 1 June 2021

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Box

I certainly wasn’t expecting LEGO to produce a DuckTales Brickheadz, but I am absolutely pleased that they did!

I grew up on DuckTales Cartoons and it was one of the highlights of my childhood, so these have a special place in my heart. Interestingly, this is only the second 4-character Brickheadz set released so far (the first would be 40495 Harry, Hermione, Ron and Hagrid and it’s interesting to see LEGO expand the format.

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Scrooge McDuck

Everyone’s favourite rich billionaire duck, Scrooge McDuck makes for a great Brickheadz rendition.

The “penny-pinching poultry’s defining features such as his eyeglasses resting on his beak, top hat, and blue and red outfit are perfectly represented, and the bright vibrants colours are quite nice to behold.

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Scrooge McDuck Side

Oh and he also has his trusty cane!

But sadly, he doesn’t come with a coin, which is a bit of a miss in my opinion.

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Scrooge McDuck Back

The construction was quite basic and straight forward, and it’s nice that he has a printed tile for his torso, he’s otherwise just your stock-standard brickheadz build.

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Scrooge McDuck Top Hat

His top hat is great though.

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Dewey Louie Huey

And here are the adventurous duckling trio – from left to right Dewey (blue), Louie (green) and Huey (red) who are all identical, save for their signature colours.

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Dewey Louie Huey Side

If you don’t enjoy repetitive builds, you’ll probably find building the same duck three times quite tedious as they’re pretty much identical.

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Dewey Louie Huey Back

And here are their backs. No printed elements which is a shame, and I feel like they could’ve been improved with some accessories.

LEGO 40477 Ducktales Brickheadz Dewey Louie Huey Brains

Oh and like all Brickheadz, they all have pink little brains on the inside. I especially like how Huey looks with his face plate removed – it almost looks like Santa!

LEGO Duck Tales Brickheadz and Minifigure

And here’s how they look alongside their Disney Minifigures Series 2 counterparts. Kudos to LEGO for nailing the Brickheadz versions of these minifigures!

What I liked:

  • You get 4 Brickheadz in one set!
  • DuckTales were a huge part of my childhood
  • Scrooge McDuck looks great

What I didn’t like: 

  • Repetitive builds of the ducklings
  • No printed elements or accessories to accompany the ducklings

Similar to Daisy Duck, the DuckTales Brickheadz will only appeal to those that have fond memories of the classic DuckTales cartoons or the recent rebooted version.

The 4-pack Brickheadz is a nice twist on things, even if the 3 ducklings are identical and are quite tedious to build.

Scrooge McDuck is thankfully quite detailed and when displayed together, their bright primary colours look quite good together.

What excite me most about is the resurgence of the DuckTales property within LEGO – which makes me excited to think of what could come next – minifigure-scale sets would be amazing, but if I were to get more Brickheadz, I’d love to get my hands on a Darkwing Duck, especially if LEGO is intent on mining classic 90s Disney cartoons for inspiration.

In short, buy if you love Disney and DuckTales, but skip if this has no personal relevance to you.

Rating and score: 3/5 ★★★✰✰

Build [2] – Straight forward builds, and 3 ducklings was repetitive
Real Value [3] – Quite decent value as you get 4 characters
Innovation [1] – Not very innovative at all, except for the 4-pack format
Keepability [3] – As a complete DuckTales pack, I think this will hold its value incredibly well

LEGO Daisy Duck and Duck Tales Brickheadz

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this short review of 40476 Daisy Duck and 40477 DuckTales Brickheadz!

The new Daisy Duck and DuckTales Brickheadz will be released on 1 June 2021 and will be available from

What do you think of these new Brickheadz? Will they make it to your LEGO wishlist?

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Special thanks to the LEGO Group for providing these sets for review.

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