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Rock out with the LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Black Strat Display

Ready to rock and roll? Say hello to the new LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster, a stunningly accurate LEGO rendition of one of the most iconic guitars in music history – reimagined in LEGO bricks.

Created by fan designer Tomáš Letenay and the winner of the Music To Our Ears contest on LEGO Ideas, this 1,074-piece set has a release date of 1 October 2021, and will retail for US$99.99 / AU$159.99 from, or your local LEGO store.

To allow fans to customise their model, fans can choose between two iconic Strat colours – black or cherry red, a really nice option to express yourself with the build.

See below for regional links and pricing:

  • LEGO 21329 Fender Stratocaster [US] – US$99.99
  • LEGO 21329 Fender Stratocaster [AUS] – AU$159.99
  • LEGO 21329 Fender Stratocaster [UK] – £99.99
  • LEGO 21329 Fender Stratocaster [EU] – €99.99
  • LEGO 21329 Fender Stratocaster [CAN] – CA$139.99

Whether you are an old school rock and roll fan, an indie rock, R&B or heavy metal lover or just passionate about music, the LEGO model of the 1970s Fender Stratocaster is sure to be a crowd pleaser and includes the option to either build a red or black version of the iconic guitar.

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Body

There are some really neat details packed into the set, which measures 36cm high.

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Lifestyle 9

The guitar features six strings, poseable tuning pegs and a tremolo arm for all the distortion you can handle. Plus, there is also a folding display stand, and an accompanying foot pedal and amp.

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Head

And yes, the Fender logo on the head is printed on a slope, which is always a welcome move.

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Lifestyle 10
LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Amp

The amplifier’s back and top covers can also be removed to show its inner speaker code, wiring and intricate details such as the tubes, speaker and motherboard.

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Lifetyle Strap

Some really interesting LEGO elements get introduced in the set – the Fender guitar strap with stud design, as well as the guitar strings as well – it’ll be interesting to see what LEGO builders do with these official LEGO elements!

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Lifestyle 11
LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Lifestyle 5

I’m pretty pleased with the price – at US$99.99 it doesn’t completely obliterate your wallet, and also has a small enough profile, that it’ll look great as a decorative addition to your desk, or music room/listening nook if you have one of those.

The Fender Strat is hands down one of the most legendary guitars in music history, and if you’re a fan of rock, or blues, you’ll no doubt understand just how influential the Stratocaster is, in the hands of legends from Eric Clapton, to Stevie Ray Vaughn to modern blues crooners like John Mayer.

Rock music is no longer the powerhouse it once was, but if you’ve got an old soul like me, and love classics from that era of real music.

Here’s more lifestyle photos showcasing just how gorgeous the LEGO Fender Stratocaster looks.

Red LEGO Fender Stratocaster

Black LEGO Fender Stratocaster

LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster Promotional Image

LEGO are on to yet another winner here, and I’m placing this one squarely in the “must-buy” category for 2022 LEGO sets.

Red is my favourite character, and one of my favourite guitarists of all time is Mark Knopfler, so I’ll definitely be building the cherry red Stratocaster when I pick this set up. For you know, maximum Sultans of Swing vibes.

With LEGO’s focus on adults – this is absolutely going to sell out faster than tickets to the Rolling Stones, and this will be another smash hit for the LEGO Ideas theme.

The LEGO Ideas Stratocaster will be released on 1 October 2021 for US$99.99 on

What do you think of the LEGO Ideas Stratocaster? Will you be rocking out with this set in October?

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