Seinfeld LEGO set now available for VIPs, plus a review roundup

LEGO 21328 Seinfeld Front View

Yada, yada, yada – you know the drill! For those of you eagerly waiting to get your hands on the new LEGO Ideas Seinfeld set set, it’s now available on for LEGO VIP members, ahead of a general release on 1 August 2021.

It’s free to sign up for LEGO VIP member status, so you can register if you want the set early!

To see more photos of the set, and my early impressions, check out the official reveal post.

See below for regional links and pricing:

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LEGO Seinfeld Reviews from across the web

To see what other LEGO reviewers are saying about the new LEGO Seinfeld set, be sure to check out these reviews!

LEGO Seinfeld Review Bricktastic Blog

Bricktastic Blog:

“If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, then this is a must buy. I’ve had a lot of fun watching a few reruns while building it and writing this, so it’s been a worthwhile set for me.”

LEGO Seinfeld Review Brick Banter

Brick Banter:

Is this a good set? Yes.

Does it display well? Yes, better than the others.

Would I recommend it to a Seinfeld fan? Absolutely.

LEGO Seinfeld Review Brothers Brick

Brother’s Brick:

If you are a fan of the show about nothing, or if you have any of the other sitcom-based LEGO sets, I fully recommend adding the Seinfeld set to your collection. It is tons of fun to build and is full of great parts hidden throughout the build.

LEGO Seinfeld Review Bricksfanz

I will admit, I’m surprised that the Seinfeld set has become an official set. I do remember watching a few episodes a few years ago, but it’s not a show which appears to garner a global and continued audience as FRIENDS or to a lesser extent Big Bang Theory. But that’s not to say it isn’t a fun little set. The detail built into small aspects of it are great and there’s plenty of Easter Eggs for fans of the show to discover. And it’s those in particular who will gain the most from this set.

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