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Sneak peek at the new LEGO Monica’s apartment set

LEGO Friends Monicas Apartment

Stranger Things 4 isn’t the only teaser coming out of LEGO this weekend – LEGO have just tweeted out a teaser to an upcoming FRIENDS set, featuring Monica’s Apartment!

Look out for a full reveal of a companion set to 2019’s 21319 Central Perk set in the next few days, but in the meantime, I will say that it’ll blow fans of the Friends TV show away.

In the teaser above, we see some iconic elements from Monica’s apartment, such as her peephole picture frame, Monica dressed in her apron, Chandler in his brown suit and khaki pants and Phoebe, Rachel, Ross and Joey popping their heads in to say hi.

For those that are surprised to see a sequel to Central Perk, it’s a good reminder that it was one of the best-selling sets of 2019, and was out of stock for long periods of time when it was first released, so it’s great to see LEGO building on the established fan-base of the legendary TV series.

Are you a fan of the FRIENDS tv show? What scenes or references would you most like to see from this new set?

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