Spoiler Warning! New LEGO Spider-man No Way Home, New Asgard, and What-If sets revealed!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes fans are in for a treat today, as a number of new LEGO sets from upcoming Spider-Man No Way Home have been unveiled, in addition to an Avengers Endgame New Asgard set (featuring Bro Thor, Miek and Korg!) as well as a new What-If set featuring Peggy Carter as Captain Britain!

Thanks to the Australian LEGO.com site for the goods!

The most interesting reveals come from Spider-man No Way Home, which Marvel and Sony have been keeping a very tight lid on, as we haven’t gotten a proper trailer yet, so this reveal shows off a LOT of previously unknown information and characters. Don’t read if you want to avoid spoilers!

The release dates are as follow:

  • 76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard – 1 August 2021
  • LEGO Spider-man No Way Home sets – 1 October 2021
  • Marvel What If? Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper – 1 August 2021

76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard – 265 pieces

LEGO Marvel Bro Thors New Asgard 76200

Minifigures: Bro Thor and Korg minifigures, a buildable Miek

Price: AU$49.99 [AU]

LEGO.com link: 76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard [AU]

It’s incredible to see LEGO really have fun with their Marvel license, and the upcoming 76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard is a shining example of LEGO (and Marvel) letting loose.

Based on Avengers Endgame where Thor transforms into Bro Thor complete with his sexy dad-bod, checked sweatpants and bulging belly print that extends onto his legs.

Fan-favourites Korg (played by Thor Ragnarok director Taika Waititi) and larva-like Miek also make their debut to round out the trio.

The setting – Bro Thor’s bachelor pad in New Asgard is filled with plenty of fun references, and its compact display size is bound to make this one of the best-selling Marvel sets this year, especially close to the Christmas holiday season.

76184 Spider-Man vs. Mysterio’s Drone Attack – 73 pieces

Spider Man vs. Mysterios Drone Attack 76184

Minifigures: Spider-Man, Nick Fury and Mysterio

Price: US$19.99 / AU$32.99 / £17.99

LEGO.com link: [AUS] [USA] [UK]

This looks like a great, and very playable 4+ Juniors set with a great selection of minifigures – Spidey, Nick Fury and Mysterio, all of whom have really great prints.

Most excitingly is an affordable Nick Fury, which seems to be the same version as the one from the recent Avengers Helicarrier set.

There’s also a golden circle on the box that says that the set was inspired by Far From Home, which is an interesting callout, especially since its branded with “No Way Home”.

76185 Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop – 355 pieces

Spider Man at the Sanctum Workshop 76185
Spider Man at the Sanctum Workshop 76185 3

Minifigures: Spider-Man, MJ, Wong and Doctor Strange

Price: US$39.99 / AU$59.99 / £34.99

LEGO.com link: [AUS] [USA] [UK]

This is probably THE most fascinating and spoiler-filled set LEGO Spider-man Far From Home as it contains a star-studded minifigure lineup, with Doctor Strange, Wong, MJ and Peter Parker in his new Far From Home suit.

Doctor Strange in particular is a surprise inclusion and we’re also getting a new cape element which is just perfect as his cape is pretty much a character on its own, but I also love the new mould and really elevates his appearance. Wong in a yellow jacket and MJ aka Michelle Jones (played by Zendaya) also has a whole new look – a big upgrade from 76129 Hydro Man Attack.

76195 Spider-Man’s Drone Duel – 198 pieces

Spider Mans Drone Duel 76195
Spider Mans Drone Duel 76195 3

Minifigures: Spider-Man and Vulture

Price: US$19.99 / AU$32.99 / £17.99

LEGO.com links: [USA] [AUS] [UK]

This is a bit of an odd set, but that Black and Gold Spider-man suit is utterly sublime, as are the golden web elements. It’s nice to see the Vulture make a return, with a new oxygen mask from LEGO City as well.

An interesting observation is that the box contains a small callout that says “inspired by Marvel Studios’ Spider-man Homecoming”, yet its branded under the No Way Home theme.

I also definitely don’t recall this suit ever making an appearance, and this elaborate Golden Spider-Drone in Homecoming… so who knows what’s going on here, but I like how wild it is.

76201 Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper – 343 pieces

Captain Carter The Hydra Stomper 76201

Minifigures: Captain Carter, Steve Rogers and Red Skull

Price: AU$49.99

LEGO.com link: [AUS]

Following the reveal of Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man set in early June, we now get a look at Captain Carter, a What If scenario where Peggy Carter gets the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers.

The Hydra Stomper Mech is a little funny-looking, especially with the green, but that giant Tesseract piece, and Peggy’s Captain Britain outfit (and shield!) are brilliant, and should delight a lot of Marvel fans.

Steve Rogers also unironically looking a lot like Chris Pine from Wonder Woman is quite funny, and I’m here for it.

Any of these stand out to you? Let me know which sets you’re looking forward to in the comments!

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