an interview with lego minifigures team astrid graabaek and mark tranter rlfm days 2021

An interview with LEGO Minifigures team Astrid Graabæk and Mark Tranter (RLFM Days 2021)

At RLFM Days 2021, an exclusive event for LEGO Ambassadors that gives us unprecedented access to interact and chat with LEGO Designers, I had the incredibly opportunity to participate in…

more hints on the lego marvel collectible minifigures series 71031

More Hints on the LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures Series (71031)

The full-length official trailer of the next MCU Disney+ series has already been released, and with it comes more hints on what we can expect from the upcoming LEGO Marvel…

lego star wars 75311 imperial armored marauder review no battle packs would be no problem

LEGO Star Wars 75311 Imperial Armored Marauder review – no battle packs would be no problem

75311 Imperial Armored Marauder is one example of how LEGO Star Wars without battle packs wouldn’t be that bad at all. Does anybody want to say it? Fine, we will….

lego minions kung fu training minifigure pack 40511 revealed

LEGO Minions Kung Fu Training Minifigure Pack (40511) Revealed

In case you missed it, Brickset has shared several images of what could be our next minifigure pack coming from a licensed theme. The LEGO Minions Kung Fu Training Minifigure…

which lego set pulled you out of your dark ages

Which LEGO set pulled you out of your dark ages?

Author and screenwriter Emma Kennedy tells the tales of adult LEGO fans who have been pulled out of their dark ages by very specific LEGO sets. There will be many…

rlfm days what would you ask lego designers

RLFM Days: What would you ask LEGO Designers?

I’ve got a really exciting two days ahead! As a Recognised LEGO Fan Media (RLFM), I’ll be attending the RLFM Days, a specially organised annual event by LEGO’s AFOLET (Adult…

heres a closer look at the latest lego vidiyo bandmates series 2 43108 minifigures

Here’s A Closer Look at the Latest LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates Series 2 (43108) Minifigures

The latest batch of LEGO Vidiyo sets has been revealed, making it perhaps one of the most prolific themes that ever came up with new, and funky minifigure characters. This…

lego looney tunes collectible minifigures coming

LEGO Looney Tunes Collectible Minifigures Coming!

You may have seen by now that Brickset shared an interesting piece of news a few days ago. The next LEGO Collectible Minifigures series will be dedicated to Looney Tunes!…

icymi lego marvel superheroes spider man versus venom and iron venom 40454 revealed

ICYMI: LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man Versus Venom and Iron Venom (40454) Revealed

No, this is not an advanced April Fools joke kind of a thing. Because in case you missed it, LEGO Shop@Home has been updated to include a rather quirky minifigure…

lego vidiyo bandmates 43101 box distribution revealed

LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates (43101) Box Distribution Revealed

By currently, you may be conscious currently that the just recently exposed LEGO Vidiyo style is additionally obtaining a rather cool line-up of minifigures called LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates (43101 )….