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The best LEGO podcasts you should be listening to

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Outside of LEGO, one of my favourite mediums of entertainment and learning are podcasts. I really enjoy the format, and how much you can learn about media personalities, stories or even current affairs through audio.

LEGO being a very tactile and visual hobby/experience wouldn’t seem to be a great topic that translates into the podcast medium, but there’s a growing number of LEGO podcasters in the space, all of whom are working on fun and interesting projects in the podcast space.

To help you discover the best podcasts on LEGO, here are some that you should check out.

Extra Pieces Podcast

Extra Pieces Podcast 2

Absolutely shameless plug for the Extra Pieces Podcast, a new LEGO podcast that’s a collaboration between myself and Richard Jones from The Rambling Brick.

We started the podcast to venture into a new medium to discuss all things LEGO – from new set announcements, opinions on recent sets we’ve built, LEGO culture, what’s going on in the fan community, and a dose of Vintage LEGO.

It’s a fun little experiment that we hope will grow, and I’ve really enjoyed chatting with Richard on LEGO, as we have sometimes very different perspectives.

You can listen and subscribe to Extra Pieces wherever you get your podcasts, or from:

We just dropped Episode 2 where we delve into the LEGO Ulysses Probe launch, recent Super Heroes sets, Looney Tunes minifigures and Classic Castle.

Instagram: @extrapiecespod 
Twitter: @extrapiecespod 
Facebook: Extra Pieces Podcast

For The Love of Brick

For the love of brick

Greg McDonald is a fellow Melbourne-based LEGO enthusiast, and his podcast For The Love of Brick is an interview format podcast where Greg chats to all sorts of interesting LEGO personalities – from builders, artists, health workers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, connected by their unique bond with LEGO.

Some interesting guests and my personal favourites has been Brick Huntress, a LEGO artist known for her mosaics, Loretta Sanford from UNLEASH a program that brings the joy of LEGO into the lives of older citizens residing in senior housing, and Alice Finch and Megan Lum from The Women’s Brick Initiative.

LEGO Bits n Bricks

LEGO Bits N Bricks Podcast

Did you know, that LEGO has also been getting into the podcast game?

Bits n Bricks is an official LEGO Games podcast dedicated to digging out and exploring some of the many fascinating stories and lessons learned from a quarter century of game development.

The podcast features the most memorable LEGO games such as LEGO Island and, importantly, some of those dedicated developers who helped bring them to life.

Our LEGO Stories Podcast

Our LEGO Stories Podcast

Another official LEGO podcast, which unfortunately only has one episode so far is Our LEGO Stories.

It’s a brand new podcast brought to you by the LEGO Group and in the pilot season, promises to give a peek behind the curtain into what LEGO does to create a positive impact in the world, and how LEGO products are brought to life to life. Hosted by Julie Foster from the Communications Team, and Loren I. Shuster, Chief People Officer and Head of Corporate Affairs at The LEGO Group.

I really enjoyed the first episode and hope there are more to come.

The Bricks King Podcast

Bricks King Podcast

Matt King from the Bricks King Podcast is a long-time podcaster, and also a Recognised LEGO Fan Media. He covers a really diverse set of topics on all things LEGO, from interviews, breaking news and most interestingly LEGO reviews.

I really respect how Matt effortlessly translates LEGO reviews so well into the audio format – it might seem a little odd, listening to someone describe the intricacies of LEGO set designs, but Matt does it remarkably well.

Cali Brick Clique

Cali Brick Clique Podcast

Another podcast I’ve discovered in February which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying is Cali Brick Clique. Hosted by Ninja, Shytimeismytime and The Plastic Architect – all of whom call California home.

It’s a really chill podcast, and all three hosts seem like genuinely awesome LEGO fans, and I enjoy the flow and their conversational style, as well as their observations on the Youtube LEGO community (all are active LEGO Youtubers).

There are a number of other active and long-standing LEGO podcasters that I don’t particularly listen to, such as Back 2 Brick, Building Up To It and Missing Pieces (by brickitect) if you want to check out more options.

Hope you enjoyed this short list of some of the LEGO podcasts that I particularly enjoy and I hope you manage to add some new LEGO podcasts to your daily routine!

I’d also love it if you could check out our new Extra Pieces episode, leave a 5-star review on Apple podcasts, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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