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These 5 Bricklink Designer Program Round 2 project slots have been successfully crowdfunded!

Bricklink Designer Program Round 2 Funded

In just under seven hours, the second round of Bricklink Designer Program projects have now been locked in, with the Modular LEGO Store, Mountain Windmill, last minute entrant Venetian Houses, Retro Bowling Alley and Clockwork Aquarium which squeaked in right at the end, pipping Brent Waller’s Seasons in Time: Calendar to the 5th and final slot.

These 5 projects have now successfully received at least 3,000 pre-orders, which have secured their positions, and will be shipped out by Bricklink in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

It seems that measures put in place by Bricklink to make it more equitable have largely worked, with the 1 per customer limit more or less allowing most people to get their hands on pre-ordering these sets – that said, regional limits might still apply, and if you weren’t early/fast enough, you would’ve missed out even though there are still pre-orders available.

Remember, these are limited to only 10,000 sets produced, so once these pre-order slots get filled, no more will be made.

It’s really interesting that 4 out of 5 of these projects are the more expensive sets, which seems to suggest that adult LEGO fans still have very deep wallets, and of course plenty of patience.

Personally, none of these 5 excite me but I am slightly disappointed that Science Adventures didn’t make the cut, as I was looking forward to a sequel to her LEGO Ideas Research Institute set

Do note that these are pre-orders, and you’ll only be charged when these sets ship in Q3 2022, so you have loads of time to mull over the pre-orders, or let your future self worry about any financial stress that you may have inflicted on them.

Did you pre-order any of these projects today?

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