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Vote for the best LEGO set of 2021!

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It’s that time of the year again to vote for the best LEGO set of 2021! It’s been a massive year for LEGO releases, and if you’ve been following the monthly Power Rankings, you should know just how competitive the Top 10 list has been this year.

To fully embrace a democratic reader vote, I’m putting the power in my readers’ hands to vote for the best LEGO set of 2021, in a similar format to 2020’s Best LEGO Set vote!

There will be 2 parts to this vote: first, nominate your vote for the best LEGO set of 2021 via this Google Form– all you need to do is enter the set number and/or the set name by 11.59pm AEDT Wednesday, 22 December.

The only change here, which was a learning from last year is that I’ll only include sets released in the 2021 calendar year. Last year’s voting had a quick in that enough people voted for the LEGO Ideas Treehouse to squeak it into the Tournament Bracket, before it beat out every other set, even though it was released in 2019!

The second part will see results from the survey, providing the seeding for Top 16 sets, which will go into a Tournament Bracket, where we’ll pit each set against each other for a vote on the Jay’s Brick Blog Facebook Page and Instagram Page to determine who the ultimate winner is!

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Jays Brick Blog Best Set of 2020 Bracket Final Result

Last year’s vote was a big success, and there were some unexpected and crazy upsets – here’s a look at last year’s bracket.

2021 has been a watershed year for LEGO, especially 18+ and LEGO for Adults sets, with some cracking releases, so I’ll be really interested to see how people vote! To refresh yourself on last year’s vote, check out the vote results!

Really looking forward to seeing the results of this, so get your votes in before the 22nd!

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