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Which parts are produced in the most colours?

Posted by Huw, 08 May 2021 16:30


Have you ever wondered which part has been made in the most colours? I did, when I was admiring the myriad 25269 1/4 CIRCLE TILE 1X1s that I’ve acquired in DOTS sets recently, and thought that it might be a candidate.

The data to determine the answer is in our database but not easily surfaced through the website. So, I ran some SQL queries to find out…

For the purposes of this analysis I have excluded transparent, metallic and other ‘odd’ colours. All data is based on inventories obtained from, which are not always complete, and only go back 20 years or so.

In this year’s sets


The sets released so far this year contain around 8,100 different parts in 66 colours, including 41 solid ones.

The 1/4 circle tile has been moulded in 33 of them for this year’s sets, but it’s not the record-holder: that accolade goes to the 1×2 plate, which has been produced in all but two of the current solid colour palette. It’s not been made in light nougat and I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out which other colour it’s not been manufactured in this year.

Here’s a list of all parts produced in over 30 colours that appear in this year’s sets.

Part No of colours
3023 PLATE 1X2 39
3020 PLATE 2X4 37
3069 FLAT TILE 1X2 36
3024 PLATE 1X1 34
3004 BRICK 1X2 34
3005 BRICK 1X1 34
25269 1/4 CIRCLE TILE 1X1 33
3010 BRICK 1X4 32
3070 FLAT TILE 1X1 32
3666 PLATE 1X6 32
3710 PLATE 1X4 32
11477 PLATE W. BOW 1X2X2/3 32
15068 PLATE W. BOW 2X2X2/3 31
15573 PLATE 1X2 W. 1 KNOB 31
35381 FLAT TILE 1X1, ROUND 31

The 1/4 circle tile has been produced in two more colours that have not been used in 2021 sets: sand yellow, in 2018’s 41627 Luke Skywalker & Yoda, and earth (dark) green n 41917 Magic Forest Bracelet last year.

In all inventoried sets


LEGO has produced over 100 different solid colours over the years, some of which have been used for just a handful of specialist parts, and some that were replaced following a cleansing of the palette in 2004, for example grey, dark grey and brown.

The accolade of part produced in the most colours, then, goes to the humble 1×2 brick and 2×4 plate. If the 15 colours that the pillarless transparent version has been produced in are also taken into account, the 1×2 brick wins hands-down.

Part No of colours
3004 BRICK 1X2 49
3020 PLATE 2X4 49
3437 DUPLO BRICK 2X2 48
3023 PLATE 1X2 47
3005 BRICK 1X1 47
3010 BRICK 1X4 45
3069 FLAT TILE 1X2 44
3710 PLATE 1X4 43
3068 FLAT TILE 2X2 43
2431 FLAT TILE 1X4 43
3001 BRICK 2X4 41
3003 BRICK 2X2 41
3024 PLATE 1X1 41
3022 PLATE 2X2 41
3665 ROOF TILE 1X2 INV. 41
3009 BRICK 1X6 40

Perhaps I should see how many different coloured 1x2s and 2×4 plates I have and start a collection…

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